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Drive less.
Earn more.

Get rewarded for recording your mileage.
Earn up to $368 a year!
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key features


Earn rewards. Guaranteed.

Check-in to record your mileage.

  • Take car photo
  • Take odometer photo

Privacy first

  • No hardware
  • No tracking
  • Decide what to share

The Farmers mileage program is powered by user submitted data. This means you aren’t being tracked. Where you’ve been and where you’re going is your business.


Do I have to switch my policy?

NOPE! We understand that the new normal means that millions of car owners like you are driving less. Our low-mileage reward program was born out of our desire to provide our customers with personalized car insurance pricing WITHOUT the need to change their existing policies

Why join?

Our goal is to allow people to be in control of their data and get paid for it. Mileage is a very important pricing factor and you should be rewarded for sharing it. You can only benefit from joining this program.


The Farmers mileage program is free. You can only earn money for participating.



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