Dotan, The tech

Dotan has over 20 years developing  secure end-to-end platforms that will pass even the most intense third-party risk assessments. His experience ranges from fintech to e-commerce. 

When he's not coding you can find him riding a wave. 


Elan, The CEO

Elan comes from a public policy background and launched various insurtech solutions and vision-powered data products at Mobileye and Nexar.

He is on a mission to make insurance more transparent, fair, and simple for everyone. 


Guy, The product design

Guy is a design thinker who's 100% sure that design can bring world peace, or at least solve most of the problems on earth.
Guy is an experienced product design leader with hands-on design skills.

He makes sure design and UX decisions are driven by data and are aligned with strategy.

Leadership Team