How Parked Works

The Parked platform allows you to confidently self-report your monthly mileage.  You can also share it with your insurer and get paid for it - ONLY IF YOU WANT - since it’s your data and you should be the one in control.

How it works today

How we work

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Why Mileage?

Mileage is one of the most important data points for pricing a policy.  In fact, in some states, it’s required. The issue is insurers struggle to reliably capture mileage data.  

Allowing you to self-report your certified mileage data is critical since it allows you to only share the specific data point/s that are most relevant for your policy. Knowing exactly what you share and how you are sharing it puts you in complete control of your data. 

Today’s only alternatives are to install constant tracking on your car by installing hardware (usually an OBDII Dongle) or downloading an app that requires you to allow location and sensor permissions to always be active (even in the background), which can also lead to battery drain. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably already struggling with your battery not lasting more than a few hours.

The Parked Solution

Parked has created a unique platform that allows you to seamlessly and accurately self-report your mileage data. Parked’s AI models certify the accuracy of the mileage data and filter out any potential fraud, making it valuable so insurers want to purchase it. It also allows your insurer (or others) to provide more customized policies based on how much you drive while keeping you on your existing policy.