Drive less.
Earn more.

Get rewarded for self-reporting your mileage.
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How it works

Check-in once a month by snapping a picture of the odometer and vehicle. Parked takes care of the rest.
Snap a pic
of your odometer
Snap a pic
of your vehicle
Get rewarded for
self-reporting your mileage

Earn rewards. Guaranteed.

Get paid for your mileage data EVERY TIME you check-in.
You can also earn bonus rewards if you qualify as a
low-mileage driver between check-ins.
Join now to see your rewards structure.*
*Rewards vary depending on your auto insurance provider
and region.

Privacy first

  • No hardware
  • No tracking
  • Decide what to share
Parked is powered by user submitted data. This means you aren’t being tracked. Where you’ve been and where you’re going is your business.

Not convinced?

We work hard to make it simple.
If you have further questions,
Let us know!

Why join?

Our goal is to allow people to be in control of their data and get paid for it. Mileage is a very important pricing factor and you should be rewarded for sharing it. You can only benefit from joining this program.

We understand that the new normal means that millions of car owners like you are driving less and changing your policy can be a hassle. Parked was born out of the need to help you receive personalized car insurance pricing without changing your existing policy.


Why now more than ever?

Parked is free.
You can only earn money for participating.