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Driving less?

Parked helps you self-report your mileage to negotiate a better rate at the press of a button.
$2 Amazon gift card for
every mileage report *
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Mileage is a primary factor for rating car insurance, but accurate data doesn't exist.

By self-reporting your mileage, your agent or insurance company can offer you better rates.
$2 Amazon gift card for
every mileage report *
$2 Amazon gift card for
every mileage report *
key features

Use Parked to seamlessly track your mileage

We know how insurance companies work. Parked’s mileage reporting system is accepted by top insurers.

With Parked you just need to:

  • Take car photo
  • Take odometer photo
  • Get $2 gift card

Share your data to better negotiate your policy.

With accurate and credible mileage data, your agent or insurer can better negotiate your policy.

Privacy first. You control your data

Parked is powered by user submitted data. This means you aren’t being tracked by anyone.

  • No hardware
  • No tracking
  • Decide what to share


Why join?

Take control over your mileage data. Share it or keep it for yourself - it's up to you. We're here to help.

Why now more than ever?

We know that millions of car owners like you are paying the same for your auto insurance even though you're driving fewer miles. We also know how much of a hassle it can be to change your policy. Parked was developed to help you receive personalized car insurance pricing without having to change your existing policy.


Parked is totally free.



Get started with Parked today!

$2 Amazon gift card for
every mileage report *

© 2021 by Parked.

* Valid up to 5 mileage reports
* Only in the USA
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