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Please Note: The Diamond Low Mileage Reward program is coming to an end on December 23, 2022. During this period, we are not accepting any new customers. If you are an existing participant, please log in below to submit your final mileage update and claim your rewards.

Drive less. Earn more.

During these times, every bit counts! Here’s an opportunity to earn up to £185 per year in Gift Cards.*

*Terms and Conditions apply

Earn rewards.
Every month.


Diamond Mileage Program participants have collectively driven 262,158 less miles since March 2022*. That's:

  • 10.5 trips around the earth 

  • 58,042 kg of CO2 saved

  • This would take 5,528 trees to offset

*Updated as of November 2022


Small Changes. 
Big Impact. Together.


Check-in to record
your mileage

All you need to do is check-in by taking a photo of your car and your odometer.

What Diamond Customers are Saying

Your privacy comes first

• No hardware
• No tracking
• Decide what to share

The Diamond mileage program is powered by user
submitted data. This means you aren’t being
tracked. Where you’ve been and where you’re
going is your business.


Your questions answered

Do I have to switch my policy?

No, we understand that the new normal means that millions of car owners like you are driving less. Our low-mileage reward campaign has been designed to sit alongside your current Diamond car insurance policy so there is no need to change it.

Why join?

Our goal is to allow people to be in control of their data and receive a reward for it. As mileage is a very important factor for car insurance, by participating in this low-mileage rewards campaign, it will allow you to receive a reward for participating and bonuses for driving less.
The fewer miles driven, the higher the reward. You can only benefit from joining this campaign.

How do I submit my mileage and what is a check-in?

A check-in is how you submit your certified mileage data. You will need to sign up or log in using the links above. You will be asked to upload 2 photos; an external photo of your car and a photo of the car’s odometer showing your current mileage.

What rewards can I earn?

The Diamond low-mileage campaign is free to join. You can earn Gift Cards for participating. You can see the rewards table above which shows the amount you can earn depending on your monthly mileage driven.

How do I know when to check-in and submit my mileage?

When your check-in is unlocked, you will receive an email reminder letting you know it’s time to submit your updated mileage. You can also set a calendar reminder through the Parked App.

Do I need to update my Diamond policy if my declared mileage has changed?

This low-mileage reward campaign is separate to your Diamond car insurance policy. Therefore, if your mileage has changed since taking out
or renewing your policy it is your responsibility to update your policy mileage to reflect this. You can find your declared annual mileage on your Motor Policy Schedule.

When will I receive my Gift Cards?

Rewards are issued within one business day of your completed and certified mileage being checked in and verified. This will be sent via email to the email address used to sign up.


The Diamond mileage program is free. You can only earn Gift Cards for participating.

Have more questions? Let us know

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